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Déferlante, how does it work?


Welcome to the help page of "Déferlante" website. Déferlante is a fun tool for navigation tracking thanks to the app Déferlante which uses the GPS of your phone. 
Your tracks (all the registered GPS points), once acquired and sent to the Déferlante server, will be visible on the website and classified on the different courses you have crossed.  


How to get the mobile app Déferlante?

For Android phones: the app is available on Google Play (keywords: Déferlante or Classe Mini).

For Iphone: the app is also available on AppStore. 

You don't have a smartphone? A GPX file loading interface will be available soon on the website. 


Who can use Déferlante?

Anyone can download Déferlante and use it but to submit the tracks on the server you have to be a Classe Mini member (or n-1 member until April 30th of the n year). 


How to connect to Déferlante?

Déferlante IDs are the same as Classe Mini IDs. An internet connection is required during the first connection to access to Classe Mini data (boats/skippers). 

Start the application and enter your login and password. You are now connected to Déferlante. 


How to save a navigation?

It's easy, start the app on your phone and click on "Start a navigation session". 
The meter starts, you just have to take care of your boat! The position is recorded every 10 seconds. 

Be careful: your phone's GPS must be active and the number of captured positons must be displayed above the stopwatch. 

When you come back from your navigation, click on "End session". You can add the mode "solo" or "double", select the boat, add a comment and a picture. 
Click on "Save". Then you will be directed to the page "My sessions", select the track you want to submit and click on "Send". 
You can also keep a copy of your track in GPX format by sending it by email. 


When will my course be visible on the website?

The algorithm that analyzes the tracks doen't work continuously, so it may be necessary to wait up to an hour before seeing the resultas on the website. 


I can't see my tracks on the website, why?

Tracks are displayed only when one or more courses have been crossed. Make sure you have passed through the entrance and exit gates of a course. 


How do the courses work?

Each course is defined by 2 gates (GPS coordinates and/or specific marks). To validate a course, the 2 gates must be crossed in the same direction (pay attention to the color of the arrows) but the courses can be sailed in both directions. 



Your feedback and suggestions are welcome to improve the use of the app. Thank you for sending your comments to contact@classemini.com


Thank you, 

Classe Mini